This is a super interesting take on NFTs! I had no idea how difficult it was to create an NFT. While I do agree that they should be easier to create and that many tools will come online to support that, I worry about their value as supply catches up to demand.. I can't imagine people will be scrambling to buy NFTs if they are everywhere. In today's NFT craze, I believe scarcity plays a big part in people wanting to get involved and hold an NFT of their own.

When thinking about your pricing analogy for creating an NFT to creating a website - I think we need to consider the ramifications of NFTs being as easy to create as a website. Sure, there are a lot of website domains that have a lot of value, but there are also thousands that have essentially zero value. Will this be the fate of NFTs where a few will remain valuable but most will become as commonplace as creating a website? I am eager to see how this evolves...

MBA @ Columbia Business School

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