This is really interesting - I have a similar opinion on the fact that there are just some things that in-person classes offer that at-home classes cannot, however, I am still bullish on Peloton, Apple's Fitness+, and other at-home workout options. I think the flexibility and constant replenishment of content are the biggest draws for me. I do believe that you have to already be an exercise enthusiast to motivate at home, since the skipping cost is so low compared to a $38 SoulCycle class.

That all being said, I personally miss the human interaction from in-person classes and the gym. I also believe that being in school provides a lot of flexibility to hop on my Peloton whenever I have an hour here and there. Next year, my schedule won't be as flexible and having a class or a friend at the gym to keep me accountable will be really useful.

I wonder if there is a way for traditional gym memberships to offer a hybrid option, just like companies are doing for their employees?

MBA @ Columbia Business School

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